All Year Around Professional Landscaping and Lawn Care Service

To have a great looking yard requires all year around yard maintenance with most of the services needed in the spring and summer. Who wants to pay extra money during those precious months of vacations, BBQs and yard parties. With the Year-round Landscaping and Lawn Care Service Package customers pay a set price for 12 months and we provide you with 12 months of outstanding yard service.

We work with you to decide what services you want and/or need for your yard. The price for services is totaled up then divided up over 12 months. It’s an instant maintenance free yard. Not every yard has the same needs or needs the same maintenance. Below are all the areas that we cover, you may need all or just some of these services. The pricing is based off the needs of your yard. 

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All Year Around Professional Landscaping and Lawn Care Service Package Special

Fertilization- up to 6 times a year

Weed Control – up to 6 times a year or every month

Ph Testing

Mulching – depending on landscape

Weed Flower beds- all year around

Trim Bushes – twice a year 

Fall Clean Up – get up to four services

Snow Removal and Salt Service- up to 3 times a year

Feed all shrubs twice a year

Mowing and Edging All Yea

Receive a FREE Smoker with Purchase of our Annual Package!
some restrictions apply… call for details…. Reference Code: ALSP2015; Not every customer will receive one. 

All these service all year around starting at
$175.00 per month for 12 months
depending on the square feet of the yard.

Consultations available all year!

*All Contracts and Annual Packages vary depending on the yard and the needs of the yard. Not all services stated above may fit within the needs of some yards. Prices per Annual Package vary depending upon the services that are within the Contract, which are also based upon the needs and square footage of the yard. Contracts can only be broken upon certain circumstances that can be discussed at a later time.

*Tree Trimming is not included in the package, but can be added for an additional charge.