Installing Sod

The biggest reason for installing sod in a yard is to have an instant green yard. Grass grows best during the spring through fall timeframe. Most sod is laid during this time of the year to enable the sod grass to fully take root into the soil.  Sod can be laid in small to large yards.

Laying sod eliminates the wait time for a thick, weed free yard.  Give us a call for a free estimate.



Watering Sod Is
Extremely Important


Reasons to overseed your yard:

  1. Thicker grass means less weeds
  2. Less money on weed removal sprays
  3. Less watering (saves money)
  4. Thicker grass = less yard disease
  5. A thick, rich, green yard

Overseeding Process

  • Spray for weeds
  • De-thatch
  • Aerate yard
  • Apply seed to yard
  • Fertilize yard to ensure good seed growth
  • Then we water yard using a timer system to keep it at the right moister to grow

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